Status Update on the Work in Progress- Countdown: Day 17

Current Project: A short story for an anthology set in Faith Hunter’s Rogue Mage world.
Title: Untitled (seriously)
Due Date: April 1st (seriously)
Upper Word Count limit: 8000 Words

Word count to date: 26,205 Words (seriously)
Days remaining: 17 days

Yes, you read that right.  Nearly 5000 words in one day!!!
That is both far from normal and pretty damn cool. I had the day off today, by virtue of working all day Saturday so I got out of everyone’s hair and wrote.

And wrote…

and wrote.

And I can say that I have met my revised goal.

The First Draft of the story is Finished!!!

And it’s a day early.  Can I get a “Hell, Yeah!”?







Well, maybe next time then…