Status Update on the Work in Progress- Countdown: Day 16

Current Project: A short story for an anthology set in Faith Hunter’s Rogue Mage world.
Title: Untitled (seriously)
Due Date: April 1st (seriously)
Upper Word Count limit: 8000 Words

Word count to date: 26,205 Words (seriously)
Days remaining: 16 days

This, for me, is the hardest part with a deadline approaching:

Leaving the damn thing alone so that you can get some distance from it. I’d like to have a few days, and I’d take those days if I had a month to work with.  Since I’ve only got a little over two weeks, I’m going to limit myself to a full 24 hours.

What did I do today? I printed out the short story.  All 109 pages of it. Tomorrow I’ll start reading through it, armed with a recently sharpened scalpel.

Time to kill my darlings…