Status Update on the Work in Progress- Countdown: Day 8

Current Project: A short story for an anthology set in Faith Hunter’s Rogue Mage world.
Title: Sisters…It’s a working title, subject to change
Due Date: April 1st
Upper Word Count limit: 8000 Words

Word count to date: 7,690 Words (seriously)
Days remaining: 8 days

I missed the Day 9 update. I’d been working on this at least twice a day, and blogging about it and going to the day job and querying agents and…

I needed a break…sort of.  I didn’t skip working on the story. In fact, yesterday was a pretty pivotal day, but I did take the evening off to hang with the family.

And I got sleep. Remember: Sleep is a thing.

This morning I hit the ground running, resurrected some previously killed darlings and smoothed a hell of a lot of edges.

Am I out of the woods yet?  No.

I’ve got three scenes to polish before I send it off to Beta readers.  We’ll see what they say.

I’ve got the word count below 8000.

Now I gotta keep it there.