Sometimes I Forget

Where I put my keys.
Where I left my phone.
Where I parked the car.
What I went into a room for.
That I’m alone when I’m speaking out loud.
Song lyrics.
That there’s bacon in the oven.*
That I’ve still got coffee in my cup…and it’s gotten cold.
To get up and move after I’ve been working for a while.
That every, single, thing I do is a choice. Everything.
That there is a huge difference between simple and easy.
That reaching all of my goals is simple.
To enjoy the ride.
That mistakes are part of the trip.
That the Force is with me.
That there is no spoon.
That it’s time for some thrilling heroics.
That “Still flying” is enough.
That it’s perfectly OK to sing out loud – even if there are other people nearby.
That it’s OK to not be quiet.
That I’m awake – or alive – and not just going through the motions.
That I’m not alone.
That I will never stop being knocked down.
That all it takes is for me to get up one time more than I’ve been knocked down.
That it’s worth it. All of it.

But then I remember.

And it’s OK again.

* OK that only happened once, I swear. ┬áBut, then again, it only, really, has to happen once doesn’t it?

Time: 12:19 Pm-ish

Music: Turisas – Stand Up and Fight