ConFusion Schedule

Hi there all!

ConFusion is a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Michigan. It will be at the Novi Sheraton* and it runs from January 19th to the 22nd.

This will be my first time at the convention and my first time there as a panelist.

Here’s my schedule if you want to come catch up with me:

  • January 20th – 6:00 Pm – Panel: I believe I can Fly
  • January 20th – 7:00 Pm – Panel: Defying Gravity
  • January 21st – 10:00 Am – Panel: Interstellar Colonies
  • January 21st – 2:00 Pm – Panel: You got your Romance in my Science Fiction (as of this posting, I am the only guy on this panel AND I’m on this panel with Gail Carriger – whom I’ve wanted to meet for a long time – how cool is that!!)
  • January 21st – 3:00 Pm – Reading (I’ll be reading from Trials)

The theme of this year’s ConFusion is Friendship!!!








So there will be Ponies.





Lots of Ponies.






Don’t step on any tails – Ye have been warned.





*As of this time, all of the room at the Novi Sheraton have been booked. Check out the Overflow Hotels

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