Getting Away from it All

Balticon is in 4 days!!! Will I see you there? Check out the Events page for my schedule. I’d love to meet you.

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy for me. I’ve got 3 days of the day-job, then I fly out to Balticon. Sometime in there, I’ve got to pack, make sure all of my traveling ducks are in a row, keep writing, get enough sleep, and spend time with my family.

Right after that, I’m on the ground for two days, then I’m off again for ConCarolinas, where I get to catch up with (most) of my writer’s group and to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in way too long.

Right after that, will be the annual writer’s retreat where I get to hang with my tribe, share work, and get some serious words on the page. It’ll be bittersweet. We’ll be welcoming new faces and toasting absent friends.

I won’t kid you. I really need this week. It’s not that I’m not writing (I am). It’s more that although writing is a solitary thing, I need this time with my tribe to recharge my batteries, heal some of the damage that the real world has done, get myself centered again.

I come away from these weeks with new ideas, new energy, and a new commitment to the drive to carve a place for myself in this business.

Here’s hoping that you find some time to spend with your tribe.


Time: 8:06 Pm-ish

Music: Dragonforce – Soldiers of the Wasteland