August Blog Challenge!!

Surprise!!!  There are two Blog posts this week!






This was sparked by Tee Morris taking part in the Dog Days of Summer Podcast challenge.

The gist of the challenge was to put up a podcast a day for the entire month of August.

Now I’m not into podcasting (yet…), but I am self-aware enough to know that my writing time is too limited right now to try for a blog post a day.

And I found out about this challenge after August had started, so I’m late to the party.

But I liked the idea and, for purely selfish reasons, I also emailed my friend Lillian Archer (I follow her blog and it had run dry as of late) and challenged her to take part in the August Blog Challenge.

The rules were pretty simple

  • Post to your blog once a week for the remainder of August. A week is defined as Sunday to Saturday
  • Any upcoming posts to the Million Words blog don’t count.
  • Guest posts on your blog do count.

Now, I’m already doing the weekly blog thing, so my part of the challenge was to up my game to two posts a week.

Lillian took up the challenge and, she’s already gotten a new post up. You can find it here. If you haven’t been following her blog, you really should.

So that’s what this is.

For the remainder of August, I am committing to putting up two blog posts a week.

Partly because I don’t want to give Lillian any, undue, bragging rights.

Partly because it was my own idea.

Mostly because, I’m kind of hoping that it becomes a habit.

That’s the challenge. If you’ve got a blog, then I challenge you, for the remainder of August, to increase your activity there.

If you like, you can send me an email here and I’ll post a link to your blog on the next update.

I’m also available for guest posts, so you don’t even have to do the work.

What say Ye?

Are you up to the challenge???