Freaky Friday the 13th Fess-Up for October 13th

How can such a short week feel so long? I’m still working with the same seven days as the rest of you, but I did have less day-job days.

Per usual, I didn’t get any writing done over Saturday and Sunday last week. Those days are, generally, reserved for writerly administrative things.

Despite having the day off the day-job, I got up on Monday (a little bit later than usual for a Monday) and got some writing done. Monday night was pretty long, and I made sleep a priority, so no real writing on Tuesday. I say “Real Writing” in that I didn’t sit down in front of my laptop and get words on the screen. I make it a point to carry around a notepad, and I jotted some things down longhand. This was mostly a brain dump kind of thing.

Some of you might call that writing, but it doesn’t fit the definition that I’ve adopted.

So I’m feeling guilty about that and, when Wednesday morning rolls around, I’m up and ready to go.

Wednesday is when it started raining. I like the rain, especially in October when (usually – this year has been wonky temperature-wise) it’s cool enough to be comfortable and you can sit and listen to the rain hit the window while you work. It’s one of my favorite sounds.

What I don’t like is having to go out in it needlessly. Which, pretty much sums up the day-job on Wednesday. Cold and wet and feeling pressured to go out in it again, and again.

Thursday, I’m starting to drag. I start to drag by the end of the week anyway, but it’s usually on Fridays where I feel it the most at 5:30 am. I got up, made the coffee, and got settled down to write and I *really* didn’t want to stop when when it was time.

It rained pretty much constantly from Wednesday through Thursday. I didn’t see the sun for 48 hours, which was kinda depressing.

Which brings us to today. Life, the Universe, and Everything is heavier than it’s been all week and I’m feeling off. It feels more like an unrelenting week and a half than a mere seven days since the last Fess-Up post.

Looking at it logically, I’ve only missed a day (I’m including today in that because as soon as I post this, I’m heading off to write). To paraphrase Meatloaf, “Four out of Five ain’t bad.”

I feel like I’ve done nothing.

And that feeling makes me want to dart in so many different directions at the same time which won’t get me anywhere.

So this weekend is going to be about regrouping me. As my wife said a few minutes ago (again paraphrasing, because I am more scatterbrained than usual), “Bringing the chaos into order, to relieve the stress.”

With any luck, I’ll be ready to go again on Monday. Maybe I’ll post something about it here, for comparison.

We’ll see.