Friday Fess-Up: October 20th

On a rare Saturday* (which will become less rare**, most likely – more on that Sunday) last week, I got some writing done. I got some other stuff done as well, but the writing was up there on the cool list.

That was the only day during the weekend that I wrote.

Monday, I got up to write and it was CHILLY. Coffee alone didn’t cut it and I ended up adding thicker clothes, heavy socks, and slippers. Slippers, people.

Monday night turned out to be a long one, and I opted for the “Near seven hours of sleep” that was behind door number one, rather than the “Near five hours of sleep” which was the prize on the table. So, no writing on Tuesday. Despite the extra sleep, I still ended up dragging ass all day. A condition that I would spend the rest of the week rectifying – beginning with Tuesday night.

Wednesday saw me getting right back into the swing of things…which was when the back to back Overtime days started.

I won’t say that I dodged any bullets on Wednesday or Thursday. They were both 12 hour days, but they could have been longer and I did get up to write (Although I was feeling it on Thursday morning) on both days.

This morning I spent a good (read: unnecessarily long) amount of time trying to come up with a cool, alien sounding name for an animal which is, essentially, a cow.  Come 7:30 am, I had several interesting names for other things, but not this damned bovine. Finally I gave up in disgust (and because I had to get ready for the day-job) and left with far less done than I’d wanted.

I put the figurative cow on the mentally figurative back burner to simmer and something will bubble to the surface, I’m sure.

And that takes me to the doorstep of days that haven’t happened yet. If future me happens to be reading this, please leave a note in the comments about whether or not I (or is it you?) came up with a name overnight.

Oh, and before I sign off. I will be posting this Sunday at the Million Words website. Come on by and check it out.

As usual, that extra post will not disrupt the regular Sunday posty, goodness right here.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Be safe.


*Not that Saturdays are ~Rare~. I mean, they happen once a week.  Well, for a Saturday, that should be rare.

**No, I am not getting more than the standard one Saturday per week – though that would be nice…