Home Again-Home Again

This is going to be a quick update, because I just got back from a weekend in Kentucky ending with a really long car ride.

So let me say a few things before I get to decompressing:

First: Kentucky – I had a great time. It was kind of a Micro-writing retreat, because Saturday was the only day that I really got anything done.

If you’re in the Louisville area, do yourself a favor and go check out Shenanigans Irish Grille Future you will thank you for it.

Also, stop by Smokey Bones and get yourself some ribs…They may have broken me for all other rib places*.

Second: Ohio – Mate, the effort it took to drop that much water over so large a space can’t be good for one’s health.  Seek some help…


Now I’m off to relax…


Adventure Awaits

Time: 7:16 pm-ish

Music: None, save the creaking of my joints after sitting in one position for so long.


*If you think another place might top Smokey Bones for ribs, leave me a comment. I’ll investigate.  Mmm…ribs…