Friday Fess-Up: December 29th.

Welcome to the final Friday Fess-Up of 2017!

Damn I did a lot of work this week.

Practically none of it was writing.

Overall, I’d been doing pretty well, but then it got cold. Really cold. And I spent a few days covering windows, and looking for cold air leaks. I’m fortunate enough to have an entire room in the house to dedicate to writing. This works pretty well in the summer, but my house takes a little bit of advance planning to heat – planning which I failed to do.

In an attempt to raise the temps in the other parts of the house, I set that area to “Unoccupied.” I’ve still been writing. I brought the laptop downstairs and worked off the “Bar” in the kitchen – which got me thinking about whether or not I’d find any value in a standing desk. After a few days of that – coupled with chores in the snow – and my knees started letting me know after shorter and shorter times that they were not amused with all the extra standing. So that would probably be a “No” for the standing desk, unless I could get one that wouldn’t be a major production to convert to a sitting desk and back.

So I’ve been looking for places to write instead of writing. And covering more windows. Getting stuff done.

None of the sleeping in, taking a day or three to unplug and play games or watch rugby, that I envisioned really happened. I took an entire day off last week Wednesday (if I’m remembering right), and Christmas day was restful. Outside of that, I’ve been hustling to get things done before reality reasserts itself.

I even failed to send out the weekly check-in email to my writing partner last Sunday. Ok, granted, it was Christmas eve, and neither of us had expected to be getting much done, but it was also a simple check-in email. Wasn’t like I’d planned on writing War and Peace or anything.

It’s all about balance and, this week, I’ve been kinda out of balance.

So there you have it. I don’t regret the time I spent. Everything I did, needed to be done. I am a little disappointed with myself in that I struggle to pace myself and not try and do ALL THE THINGS in a single day.

Having said that, I am going to take a couple of the remaining days of the year to dedicate solely to me. And I’m not going to feel guilty about it.

Be sure to stop by Sunday for the final post of the year!


Be Safe Y’All