2017: A Look Back

Welcome to the very end of 2017.

I slept in this morning. No alarms, nothing to wake me up. It was pretty good. I snuggled with the dog, made an awesome breakfast, and I’m about to get up and grab another cup of coffee – hold on a second…

Not a bad way to end the year, if you ask me.

I thought I’d spend this last post taking a look back on the past year.

Suffice it to say that 2017 was taxing on several levels. I could go into detail, but I choose not to soil what started out as a pretty good day. Instead, let me go over some of the good parts of 2017.

I survived cancer – again. Here, at the end of 2017, I’ve got a new scar to show for it, but I’m feeling pretty good.

I celebrated my second wedding anniversary this year.

I signed with my agent this year.

I finished* my book this year.

Said book went out on Submission this year.

Looking purely at the numbers of posts this year, I’ve exceeded the commitment that I made to put something up on the blog every week this year. I did miss a couple of weeks, during a dark time, but production-wise, I did pretty well.

I was a panelist at ConFusion in 2017.

I was a panelist at Balticon in 2017.

I wrote more days this year than I didn’t. Which, when you look at it a certain way, doesn’t sound like much, but it is.

I’ve done more with my writers group this year.

I’ve seen friends have success.

And here, at the end of the year, I’m warm, and comfortable and surrounded by loved ones.

I call that a win.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, where I’ll kick off 2018.

Be safe Y’All.


Time: 1:49 Pm – ish

Music: Blind Guardian – Another Stranger Me


*There are various levels of “Finished” when you’re talking about a book.