Friday Fess-Up: January 5th

Welcome to the very first Friday Fess-Up for 2018! I made it just under the midnight deadline, so it still counts as a Friday post, rather than a Saturday something.

There’s been a lot going on this past week. First, it’s been REALLY FREAKING COLD!!!

Seriously, the air outside hurts my face.

That sparked the biggest change. I uprooted the writing room. Well, it’s been more than just the move. I got a new laptop too. The old one still worked, but it was running windows XP and it had a crack in the case so big that I could stick the end of my thumb into it. So there was backing up data and copying it from one laptop to the other, and all that stuff.

Additionally, because it’s been so cold, I moved from my usual writing place – a room over the attached garage – downstairs into the “office”, so that we could set the writing room to “Unoccupied.”

So there’s been a few adjustments that I’ve had to make. I’ve gotten up every day to write so far this week (Mornings were preserved for writing, NOT making the transition, no matter how badly I wanted to get that done.) and I’ve even introduced other bands into the writing playlist which, before this week, had been exclusively Blind Guardian. I’m not sure how well that’s going to work. It got off to a rocky start, but I’ll give it to the end of the weekend.

And there you have it. Frigid fingers and all, it’s still been a mildly productive week, and I’m looking forward to next week where the temperature is rumored to rise to just below freezing.

Be sure to stop by Sunday.

Be safe Y’All