ConFusion Panel Schedule

Hi there Everybody!

Here is a quick post to let you know about my ConFusion panel schedule.

For those of you that don’t know, ConFusion is a Fan-run Science Fiction/Fantasy convention held in Novi, Michigan on the weekend of January 18th through the 21st.

This year, the Con will be at the Novi Sheraton.

If you’re going to be in the Novi Area that weekend, stop on by. I’d love to see you!

Here’s what I’ll be up to – and when:

10am Saturday – Isle Royale Room

Reading: Lucy A. Snyder, Ken Schrader, Sunny Moraine


1pm Saturday – Saugatuck Room

SF and Philosophy: Exploring the Connections

SF has been called the literature of ideas, and the ideas explored in SF have become increasingly philosophical throughout the history of the genre. What are the most illuminating thought experiments in recent and classic SF?  Which philosophical questions do they raise?  And how are philosophers in today’s universities employing SF in their teaching and research?


3pm Saturday – Charlevoix Room

Improv Flash Fiction

Fast paced and quick witted, authors create stories in real time, “round robin” style, using prompts from the audience.


5pm Saturday – St. Clair Room

Autograph Session

Come meet your favorite authors, artists and musicians and hav them sign things! (Please limit your signing requests to 3 items per person.)


11am Sunday – Petoskey Room

Your Cake Is In Another Castle

Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass sends Alice into a chessboard-world where she’s told that if she crosses the entire board, she’ll be crowned queen. It’s not until she reaches this goal that she learns it’s not what she really needs: the goal of chess isn’t to promote a pawn; it’s to put the king in check. When does moving the goalposts on a character feel like a satisfying next step, and when does it break the compact with the reader?



I hope to see you there!!