Friday Fess-Up: March 2nd

Happy Friday Y’All!

Welcome to the first Friday Fess-Up for March.

This had been a better week than the last patch of weeks I’ve been through. I’ve been making progress, though I do confess to not getting up every day to write. I’m learning that I need a solid 7 hours of sleep at night. Every night. I’m starting to place a higher priority on snooze-time and, when life gets in the way, something has to give. That’s just the way it is.

So I’ve been making progress. I’m also going to confess that on some days, the word count was in the negative numbers. At the end of week though, I’m happy with what I’ve got.*

That just goes to show you that progress, as a thing, isn’t linear. Sometimes, progress is going backwards, either because you’ve run into a dead end, or what you put down earlier isn’t going to work, and you’ve got to get rid of it, or move it.

Additionally, Scrivener’s word count feature keeps tabs on the manuscript part of the project** and anything that I might pull from the manuscript proper shows up as a negative to the total word count.

I don’t think this is a problem. I don’t know how the folks that wrote the software could tweak that feature so that it makes differential judgements, so I’m not going to sweat the details.

So far I’m 23k words and some change into the new book, and I’m still on track for getting it done this year.

One book a year, that’s my target pace, folks.

So that’s going to about do it today. This feels like an upswing week compared to a few weeks prior that…could have gone better.

And, on Wednesday, the music came back. That makes me happy.

Be sure to check out the Freebies page for excerpts of stories, and be sure to stop by Sunday for another post.

Until then, be safe Y’All.


*For now. This is still the first draft.

**Not notes, character profiles, etc.