Friday Fess-Up: March 9th

I’ll admit it – this is a fess-up post after all – I am not as young as I used to be.

There used to be a time (not too long ago, in fact) when I could pull a couple of 12 hour back-to-back work days and not bat an eye.

Those days are gone.

And it’s not because I’m losing sleep. I mean, granted, I kinda started the week with a sleep deficit, but that was my own, damned fault AND I had nearly paid that off by Wednesday (the first of the 12 hour days). I made sure that I still got my minimum 7 hours of sleep even though that meant sacrificing my usual writing time to do it.

Even after that – and why is it always the writing time that takes a hit when my schedule shifts – I think that it was the shifting of my schedule a few hours later (Twice!!!) that messed with my head.

Here it is on Friday and I’m kinda dragging ass.

But it is Friday.

I have happily shut off the alarms, and I’ve got a chance to recover. There’ll be rugby this weekend (Go Scotland!!!) and opportunities to unwind, and regroup, before the grind resumes.

So take care of yourselves.  Be sure to check out the Freebies page for story excerpts, and be sure to stop by Sunday.


Be safe Y’all.