Friday Fess-Up: April 20

Happy Friday Everyone!

We made it!!

Let me start right off with confessing that, regardless of how many of these posts that I’ve done, I ~Still~ have to go back and look at how I formatted the title.

Every. Friday.

You’d think that I’d have it memorized by now, but I’ve been expanding my power metal band repertoire and, apparently, the brain cells that would hold the memory of my Friday Fess-Up title Formatting are needed elsewhere.

I also confess to typing this post up early so, technically it’s a Wednesday Night Fess-Up post, but you’re not going to see it until Friday.

So this is still a Friday Fess-Up post.

Why am I doing this early?  Because, on Friday I will be at RavenCon!!

You can check out my schedule for that weekend on my Events page. If you’re in the Williamsburg VA area, stop by and say Hi.

If you can only show up for a limited time, make sure you show up for the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. It runs from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturday the 21st in Room 5. There you’ll find 2 hours of awesome stories, chocolate, and we’ll even be giving away a few books. You just can’t beat that with a stick. Did I mention that there will be chocolate???

But it hasn’t been all fair winds and sunshine.  I’m kinda speaking metaphorically, and I’m kinda not. Mother Nature has been giving us the cold shoulder in my neck of the woods. I can describe last Sunday in one word: Ice.

And I’ve been feeling horribly deficient lately. I know that I’m not being fair to myself, and that – nearly universally – writing a second book is much harder than writing the first, but there it is, and I’ll get into more detail on Sunday’s post.

Until then:

Be Safe Y’All