Friday Fess-Up: April 27th

Happy Friday, Y’All!

We made it. Welcome to the final Friday Fess-up for April. This time next week, it’ll be MAY

Course here in Michigan, that just means that it might not snow, or get above 45 degrees…or it might hit triple digits. You just never know…

Before I get any farther I want to remind you to check out the Events page. I’ll be doing a reading at Penguicon¬†on Saturday, May 5th at 8:00 Pm. Come and check it out.

Ok, so this week, I’ll confess that I haven’t either been getting enough sleep, or I’ve been missing out on the wrong kind of sleep. I’m usually dragging tail come Friday night, but this week has been particularly rough.

I thought I’d stayed on top of it while I was at Ravencon last weekend. I’d gotten 8 + hours of sleep a night, but Saturday was a really full day and Sunday was full of moderating panels in the morning (More on that Sunday) and travel for most of the day.

I got another 7-8 hours of sleep on Sunday night. Monday morning came along and I got up, made coffee, saw my wife of to work, and then I crashed. Slept for another 2-3 hours.

Might have been that I overdid it mentally, but I’ve been catching up ever since.

So this weekend is going to be spent unplugged…well, as unplugged as I get – and making hefty withdraws from the sleep bank.


Be sure to check back on Sunday for my Ravencon Recap.

Also, be sure to check the Events page for my schedule. Balticon is coming soon and I’ll post my schedule as soon as I get it. I’d love it if you stopped by to say Hi.

Last, and most definitely not least, check out the Freebies page for excerpts and other cool stuff as it becomes available.

Be safe Y’All.