Friday Fess-Up: May 11th

Happy Friday Y’All!

We made it!

Before I get into the meat of today’s post, I want to say one thing:


This weekend, Leinster face Racing 92 in the European Champions Cup Finals and I confess to being pretty bothered that this isn’t something that I can watch as it happens*.

I mean, seriously, I live in an age where I can pull a device out of my pocket that is not much bigger than my wallet, and talk to somebody on the other side of the planet in what is, essentially, real time, and I can’t watch a bit of Rugby???

Geoblocking is nothing more than ridiculous money grab.

Anyway, if you happen to be reading this in one of the more civilized countries on the planet, no spoilers until I can catch the match on You-Tube or something.


So, this week, I’ve got to confess to not getting enough good sleep this week. I get that life happens, and I’m ~still~ working on accepting that. The problem is that, because I get up early to write, it’s always the writing time that takes a hit.

I suppose, technically, that’s better than the day-job taking a hit but, damn it, that sticks in my craw like a 5 pound bag of gravel.

But, ultimately, sleep is a higher priority.  Without me, the writing can’t happen. The problem is that I’m not much good on less sleep.  Writing on a sleep deficit pretty quickly hits a point of diminishing returns. The ideas are there, but the brain…just isn’t. So, this weekend, the plan is to get caught back up and move on from there.

I’ve started doing something new on Twitter where I’m posting my daily word count – whatever it may be, even if that number = zero.

I’m doing this because I think that it will be helpful for newer writers to see that they can’t all be 2000 plus word days. That it’s ok if all you can manage is a couple of hundred words. That the point is that you’re making progress and that is what matters.

It’s to remind folk that everyone’s situation is different, and if you’re holding down a full time job, and a family, then of course you’re not going to match the output of someone who’s full time job is writing. Do what you can, when you can do it. Nobody can do more than that.

That’s what I’m trying to show here, and I hope that some folk will find it useful.

In the mean time…

Be sure to check out the Events page. As soon as I get my Balticon Schedule, I’ll post it there. I’d love to meet you.

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And be sure to stop by on Sunday for the Regular blog post.

Be safe Y’All.



*Seriously. Time differences aside, I would get up early in the morning to watch this match.