Five Thing Thursday: July 5th. The Return of the Podcasts…

Welcome to Thursday, Everyone!

If you recall, I mentioned last Thursday something to the effect that if you subscribed to one podcast, and didn’t pay attention, you’d end up subscribed to 9 or 10.

That’s not so far from the truth.

So, in the spirit of collecting podcasts to listen to, here are Five More Things (Podcasts) that I want you to know about:

Thing #1: Get to Work Hurley  This is Kameron Hurley’s podcast and it is, without question, one of my favorites. Like most of these, it is writing oriented, but well worth your time.

Thing #2: The Shared Desk Hosted by Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine his was one of my inaugural podcasts. This one is one of the ones I save for last…like dessert.

Thing #3: Unreliable Narrators This was a recent find, and I’ve already burned through the back catalog of episodes. Pretty entertaining, and you can totally trust everything they say…or, since they’re unreliable, maybe not…

Thing #4: The Rugby Pod Since everything can’t be writing oriented, I’ve included this one. I love me some Rugby, and, Like I said earlier, I’ll stop a book in its tracks to listen to a new episode of this.

Thing #5: Writing in Suburbia Jake Bible’s Unedited, Unscripted, podcast for Fiction Writers, or those that want to make a living writing fiction. Not Safe For Work. Jake pulls back the curtain and talks about…well…everything. Come see how the sausage is made folks.


And that’ll do it for another Five Thing Thursday.

As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to check the Freebies page for story Excerpts.

Be safe Y’all.