Friday Fess-Up: July 20th

Happy Friday, Everyone!! We Made it!!!

I honestly shouldn’t feel like making it through to the end of the work week was a particular challenge…seeings as how this week was only three days long for me.

But it was. Nothing like coming back from a mini-vacation to remind you why the hell you left in the first place, right?

So, with having Monday and Tuesday off, this was a particularly productive week. Add in Wednesday Write Club (Is that the name of another Weekly Blog post?) and that made for three, consecutive One-Thousand-Plus word days.

I confess that feels pretty good.

I also confess that the return to “Reality” was kind of a downer.

I also, also confess that Past Me kinda screwed Present Me when it came to getting enough sleep this week.

Monday and Tuesday were awesome. Hands down awesome. I got my – what is becoming increasingly apparent – necessary eight hours of sleep. I did the morning things, then went upstairs to write.

I kept at it until I had somewhere between  650 to 800 words or so. It took me, say, a couple of hours (I confess I wasn’t paying attention).

By that time, I was ready to get up and start moving around (Now-a-days my tolerance for sitting in one place is about two hours). I grabbed lunch, then went outside to do chores.

After that, I came in, showered, and I went back upstairs for another writing session!

That took the total to somewhere over one Thousand words for the day.

After that, I had time for other stuff. I did dishes, Laundry, went for a 3 mile walk, fired up the grill for dinner, I did a load of stuff.

It was a tantalizing look at what my life might look like as a full time writer.

Then I went back to work and “The Schedule” reasserted itself. I got the third Thousand word day courtesy of Write Club after work Wednesday.

But there was a price to pay. My currency? Time.

I got back home later than usual on Wednesday, which bunched up the usual weeknight stuff: Dinner, family time, etc.

I got to bed late.

And that’s what started the slide. I skimped on the amount of sleep I was getting and, on Thursday, I could feel the drain on the drive home.

I certainly felt it this morning when I got up to write.

So there’s definitely some work-life-writing balance stuff that needs to be tweaked.

If I can, I’d like to keep up the kind of numbers I was seeing earlier in the week. Not that I’m unhappy with the rest of the week’s numbers: 598 words on Thursday. 780 words this morning.

Every step forward is a step forward, but I would like to manage a thousand words a day consistently, if I can swing it.

But not at the expense of sleep.

It’s something that I’m going to have to figure out.

Never stop learning, that’s the thing.


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Be safe Y’All.