Friday Fess-Up: July 27th

Welcome, Everyone to the final Friday Fess-Up for July.

We Made it!!

Not a moment too soon, honestly.

I try not to be repetitive here on the blog. I mean who wants to read the same things over and over but, I confess that I’m still struggling with the whole work-writing-life balance thing.

And let me be honest with myself for a moment here. Figuring something like this out isn’t going to happen overnight – or over the course of several nights, truth be told.

Naturally, one of the first things to suffer is the sleep cycle. You’d think that for someone who is as bigĀ  fan of getting enough sleep as I am, I’d follow my own freaking advice.


So I’ve got some things to continue to work on.

But, speaking of thing to work on, I’m past the 50K word mark on the current project and I’m closing in on 60K. I’d like to see me break 60K by Monday. We’ll see how it goes.

Additionally, I need to craft a query letter about the current project. This needs to be done by September 1st so that my agent can take it with her to a conference she’s attending in New York.

And, while she’s generating interest, I’m planning to have the first draft done by October first. That would give us the rest of October, all of November and December to work on revisions in order to go out on Submission in January. Pretty exciting!


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Be safe Y’All.