Friday Fess-Up: August 31st

Happy Friday Everyone!

We Made it!!

I’ve got a lot of work to do in September, so the face of the Friday Fess-Up is going to change a bit. Beginning September first, I need to get 1000 words a day, every day of the month to hit 100K words and the end of my first draft of this book.

To Keep myself honest, I am going to post my day-to-day progress here, every Friday.

This week will be the trial run. So, what have I been up to this week, you ask?

Saturday: Word count for the day is…unknown. I did get three full handwritten pages in though.

Sunday: I didn’t write at all. Prepping for the State Fair…well, helping my wife prep for the State Fair. I felt pretty low about not writing, especially after a few good news posts by a few writer friends of mine, but what are you going to do? Classic example of life happening.

Monday: You guessed it. I got the hell up and wrote! I transcribed my chicken-scratch handwriting from Saturday and added to it. Total word count: 501

Tuesday: Word count for the day: 541

Wednesday: Word Count for the day: 567

Thursday: Word count for the day 129, with the addition of a bit of handwritten work. I went back to double check the gender of a character, and my eye snagged on somethiing that really wasn’t smooth. Sometimes this happens and I need to fix it. After all the reworking, my net gain for words was 129.

Friday: Word count for the day: 400.

So, as you can see, I basically need to double my daily word count. Daunting, but not impossible – if I’m flexible, and can plan in advance.

This word count HAS to take priority, so that means that if I don’t get my 1000 words, I may miss a blog post (Although I’ll try and schedule those in advance too. So many things.)

Stay tuned here to see how I am doing. In the mean time:

Be sure to stop by on Sunday for the regular blog post.

Be sure, also, to check out the Freebies Page for story Excerpts.

Be safe Y’All.

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