Friday Fess Up: September 28th.

Happy Friday Everyone! We Made it!!

So, as I mentioned earlier, I am making a serious push to get to the end of the First Draft of my Current Project.

By way of keeping myself honest, I am going to use this segment of the blog to show you all how I am doing week by week.

So here’s how this week broke down. I begin the week on Saturday, because that was where the first of the month fell.

This week was a little on the light side. By that, I mean that I took most of the week off work to recover from…well all the time that passed since my last vacation.

Interested in hearing about how the week went?

Saturday:  Word Count = 1181 Words.

Sunday: Word Count = 1697 Words.

Monday: Word Count = 1073 Words. This was the only day I worked this week. Naturally, by some unnoticed signal, everything simply exploded during the day. I got home and really had to dig deep to hit my word count goal.

Tuesday: Word Count = 1450 Words.

Wednesday: Word Count = 1427 Words.

Thursday: Word Count = 1065

Friday: Word Count = 1126

So, what was the total of all that numbering and wording, you ask?

Let me check…*mumbles, maths*…Ok!

Total word count for the week: 9019!

Not too bad, even if at the end there I felt every word.  This is the last Friday of the month, but there are still Saturday and Sunday left to go.

Am I going to keep this up? I honestly don’t know. I’m just going to take it one day at a time. Next Friday I’ll post all of the totals and we’ll see how I did.

Yes, I know I said that I’d post the monthly totals on Sunday, but Another Two Questions With… blog tour is starting on Monday. You can see the initial details on last Thursday’s Five Thing Thursday post.


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Be safe Y’All.