Friday Fess-Up: October 26th.

Happy Friday Everyone!! We made it!

So…I’ve got a bit of a confession to make – which is what this section of the blog is all about.

I’m not digging the current Friday Fess-Up format.

Initially, I’d envisioned this as a combination slice-of-the-writer’s-life and daily word count post.

The problem started when this started to edge into the Sunday Blog post territory.

So I tried to rein it in a bit. The problem was, when I looked back at the last couple of Fridays, and then extrapolated it into the future, I saw the following:

Assuming that I managed to get my life under control, the only thing that would change would be the daily word count. Everything else would be the same, I’d get the perfect number of hours of sleep, and every so often, what I was reading, listening to, or doing to refill the well would change.

Who wants to read that?  Hell, I’m posting it and I don’t want to read it.

So I’m changing up the format a little bit. I’m going to try and make this a “Week-in-review” kind of thing, and I’m not going to post daily word counts.

Don’t take this to mean that I don’t think that daily word count isn’t important. It is. As long as you’re doing it, and I’m doing it, it doesn’t matter what the actual numbers are. Even if that number is “Zero,” it doesn’t matter what the number is…

So how did this week turn out?

The bulk of it, I’m afraid, was something of a train wreck. I’d noticed that I was starting to come down with some kind of creepin’ crud of some kind, and I went into total self-defense mode.

At the beginning of the week, I was struggling to make progress. I’m in the final third of the current project, and I’m about to kick off the final battle…and I can’t get it started, and I cant, get it started, and I can’t get it started…

Think of it like trying to get a lighter to catch in a high wind. Spark, spark, spark…

Every morning I’d go back over what I wrote the previous day and see where I’d gone off the rails, and correct that, but then I’d go of the rails again.

Sunday night, I’m in the shower and the answer comes to me. Clear out of that blessedly hot water, I *Know* how to get where I need to go.

I had the presence of mind to hold on to the skeletal structure of the idea until I could scribble it down. Come Monday morning, I’ve got to make sense of it.

That kicks off the work week, and I’m making progress. Not the thousand words per day that I’d like to see, but solid work nonetheless.

Come Tuesday Evening, the sniffling starts and I’m dropping everything. Nothing but sleep and shit I can’t avoid – which includes the day job, but I was able to restrict the amount of “peopling” I had to do.

Wednesday and Thursday consist of me sleeping as late as I can get away with, and writing longhand – which works surprisingly well, because my head feels like it’s filling slowly with wet cement and I’m kinda muzzy. Writing longhand allows my brain to keep up with my hands, and there was much addled rejoicing.

Friday, I’m done. I pull the plug on work, despite feeling somewhere in the neighborhood of high 80 to 90%

I get myself settled this morning and then I go upstairs to write.

Three hours later I’ve got over two thousand words, the realization that I’ve sat for far too long, and that I may be less than ten thousand words away from being done with this first draft.

That’s going to be my goal. Next Weekend, I’m off to Chicago with my wife to watch the Black Ferns, Ireland, and the Maori All-Blacks play the Women’s USA Eagles, Italy, and The Men’s USA Eagles.


And I’m going to be done with this draft before then, or so damned close I can taste it, but I want it to be cooling off during that weekend.

That’s the plan…


Thanks for bearing with me as I shuffle this section of the blog around. See you on Sunday.

What am  I reading this week?

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron by Mike Stackpole.

Space Opera by Cat Valente

What am I listening to this week? The Hybrid Author Podcast.

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well? Haven’t been doing much of that this week outside of reading. Tonight I’m going to spend a bit of time Gaming


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