Five Thing Thursday: November 22nd

Welcome, everyone to the Thanksgiving Edition of Five Thing Thursday!!

Here are Five Things I want you to Know:

Thing #1: If you’re reading this today, hell if you’re reading this at all, I want you to know that I’m thankful for you. Thankful that you’ve chosen to spend some of your time looking over my humble ramblings here.

Thing #2: If you’ve read any of my stories, and left a review, THANK YOU!! They really help.

Thing #3: I’m thankful for my family who puts up with all of the eccentricities that come as part of the “Basic Writer Package Deal.”

Thing #4:  I am thankful for all of the folk that have helped me, given advice, given me a hand up, along the way. I hope I can be as half as awesome as you are one day.

Thing #5: Take some time to take care of yourself during the holiday. This can be a pretty stressful time.


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See you tomorrow for the Friday Fess-up post.

Until then…

Be safe Y’All.