Editing Jade Moon Waning: Week 3

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

Today (OK, yesterday) marked the third full week of editing the current WIP: JADE MOON WANING.

For those of you that might be hopping on with this post, you can find Week 1 here.

I have read aloud, editing along the way, 375 pages. The book, overall, weighs in at 587 pages (Double-spaced, single sided) so I’m just over halfway through.

Editing came in fits and starts over the course of the work week. I got through 100 pages over the course of the weekend.

This week, I ran into it: The part of the novel where I’m reading what I’ve written and I’m thinking, “Ugh, this is awful. What the hell was I thinking?”

It was a poorly written battle scene. And I’m not being overly harsh here. At the end of the writing session, I packed up the whole scene, took it to work with me and rewrote it over my lunch break.

Much better.

But that’s what you do. You work through it, or cut it, and move on.

So far, the plan is to finish this pass, transcribe my handwritten stuff to the electronic version and, by that time, I’ll need another set of eyes on it, so I’ll send it off to my agent and my CP.

Pretty exciting times. 

Stay tuned.


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