Editing Jade Moon Waning: Week 5

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

Today (OK, yesterday) marked the fifth full week of editing the current WIP: JADE MOON WANING.

For those of you that might be hopping on with this post, you can find Week 1 here.

This week has been all about the transcription phase. This is the phase where I take my hand-written notes, and move them into a copy (ALWAYS make a copy of your master project before you start editing!!

This pass is much more reading intensive than you might think. It takes me about 90 minutes to get through 25 pages. I’m not just moving from Note-to-note and dropping in changes, I’m reading the whole thing through, carefully.

I do this to make sure that each change, each word is pulling it’s weight and does what I intend it to do. You’ve heard that writing is both an art and a craft? This is the craft part.

It’s a slow process, and I have to keep reminding myself that I might not be completing hundreds of pages a day, the pages that I am getting done are as complete as I can make them.

I’m not going to make that self-imposed deadline of January First, but that’s ok . The cleaner, and more complete copy that I can send off, the better. I’m just going to keep chipping away at it and it’ll get done.


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I’ll see you again for the next Five-Thing Thursday!