Friday Fess-Up: February 8th.

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Fess-Up!

We made it!

Something hit me this week. I can’t remember if it was Monday or Tuesday. I got another rejection for the story I’m shopping around – and that’s ok. That happens but, for some reason, I popped open the story and within the first few paragraphs, I found something that I wanted to change.

First, let me say that this isn’t unusual. Even with stuff that’s been published, I still read it and think, “Damn, if I could only change that, to this…”

That’s always going to be there.

No, this was once ok but, a couple of months later, wasn’t.

Now I’m not saying that after a 6000 word short story, I need to put it away for two months before I sit down to edit it. I’m not convinced that’s a productive way to go. Neither would anthology editors.


Some time had passed between when I’d shaved this thing down from 11,000 words to 6700. And I’d been working all that time.

Some combination of working on the craft, and the distance between the last time I looked at it and now, showed me something I wasn’t able to see before.

So I started reworking it.

I’m nearly through, and I figure that, by the time I’m done, I’ll have cut another thousand words or so. And I’ll sent it back out. Not to the same places I sent it before. The story wouldn’t have changed enough to warrant that, but out it’ll go just the same.

You never stop learning. Ever. Not if you’re really working.

See you on Sunday!


What am  I reading this week?

The Chronicles of the Lensmen vol. 2 by E.E. “Doc” Smith. I have this in an omnibus edition. The story that I’m currently reading in this volume is “Second Stage Lensman.”

How to Save an Undead Life” by Hailey Edwards.

What am I listening to this week? The Galactic Suburbia Podcast.

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well? The Six Nations Rugby Tournament is in full swing. Last weekend saw Wales beat France and Scotland beat Italy. It also saw England Topple Ireland (which was a shame). Personally, I think Wales can take it. That’d be awesome. This weekend, it’s Scotland v Ireland, Wales v Italy, and England v France.

I’m thinking Wales overturns Italy, France beats England, and…I’d like to see Scotland beat Ireland, because they’ve got the game to do it, but I don’t think they will. Not after Ireland losing to England…that’s got to sting.

If you can find them (often the Women’s matches are streamed live), I recommend watching this awesome game.


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