Changing Your Mind

Two weekends ago, I was at Penguicon. I was only available for Saturday, but I had a great time.

One part of the programming I was on was something called “Office Hours.”

This is kind of what you’d think it was. Two or three authors would hang out in the con bookstore, in surprisingly comfortable chairs, and invite folk to come up and chat. The topics were as wide-ranging as you might expect – writing, the author’s natural habitat – or what you’d find there, etc.

One thing that stayed with me, was one person who asked what kind of advice we could give to the aspiring writer.

If you’re a creator of anything, and you take nothing else from any part of this blog, I want you to remember this:

Do whatever it takes to enable you to drop the word “Aspiring.”

I phrase it that way because I know firsthand how difficult it is to get rid of that damned qualifier.

It took me *Forever* to stop saying that I was aspiring. To stop thinking that being a writer was something that I aspired to. I’m talking about years of mental muscle memory to work through – self confidence issues rooted in feeling like I wasn’t “There” yet and constantly changing what “There” meant.

Might be you’ve heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want.” I want you to change your thinking – change your mind – to support the reality you want.

Stories are how we make sense of the world – they define reality for us. Change your story.
If you’re writing, you *Are* a writer. You’re not aspiring to write, you’re writing.

Believe it, be your first, and biggest, fan. You have to believe deeper than anyone else and that belief will sustain you.

See you on Thursday!


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