Five Thing Thursday: June 6th.

Welcome, everyone to another installment of Five Thing Thursday and…

Here are Five Things I want you to Know:

Thing #1: New Story!!! Maybe.

One of my stories, titled: “Brimstone.” was selected to be included in the Predators in Petticoats Anthology. That is, if the kickstarter funds.

Here’s the link to the project. There are a lot of great Backer goodies in here. Please give it a look, toss a few dollars in – if you’ve got them, and spread the word. I’d take it as a kindness.

Thing #2: I love worldbuilding. Even if I’m only coming up with a name for somebody else, that little creative work brings me joy.

Thing #3: I took advantage of a gap in the rain and I got the lawn mowed. it was so long, I was considering having it baled.

Thing #4: This week’s Audio Landscape has been brought to you by some old favorites:

Blind Guardian and Fit for Rivals.

Thing #5: This one is for me too: Sometimes, all that you can get done isn’t even damned close to what you would have liked to have gotten done.

That’s OK. Start again tomorrow.


What am  I reading this week?

The Protector’s War by S. M. Stirling.

All Systems Red by Martha Wells.

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet.

What am I listening to this week?

The Shipping and Handling Podcast.

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well?


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Chasing the Light

See you on Sunday!

Until then…

Be safe Y’All.