Last-Minute Gifts for Writers

This year, I figured that I’d try my hand at one of the “Gifts-for-your-writer” posts. The idea hit me around July, and…

Well, I won’t get into the details. Suffice it to say that the subject matter for this post is kinda on brand.

Speaking of brands, I am not going to mention any names. Everyone’s mileage is going to vary. I’ll just plant the seeds and we’ll see what grows.

Additionally, I am going to approach this from the position of “Next Day Delivery” might not be in time.


Idea #1: Pens and Notebooks. Yes, this sounds kind of pedestrian, but I know of *Very* few writers that will tell you that they have enough good pens, or notebooks. Now, unless you life next to a Fountain Pen store (I know such things exist, and it is probably a blessing that I’ve never stepped into one), you probably won’t be able to pick one of these up without some extra effort. Fortunately, you can get some nice, utility pens from your local office supply store. Go ahead and spy on your writer’s pen collection to get an idea of what they favor.

Notebooks: Here will let you get a bit more creative. Might be that you can find something a bit more personal than a pack of spiral notebooks (The spiral at the top, thanks – not on the side). If you don’t have a place that sells paper nearby (and you might – give it a quick search on the interwebs) consider bookstores, and craft stores – places where they might sell journals.

Idea #2: Noise Canceling earbuds. Whether or not your Writer prefers writing to music, or silence, these will have you covered. Now I am not including actual over-the-ear Headphones here. The idea is for something that is easy to transport and apply at need. For my money, that’s earbuds. And I’ve got a nice set of (Name-Redacted) earbuds that I got from (Superstore-Name Redacted) for under $20 that stop up my ears like cement.

Seriously, I was on a (Self-imposed, to be sure, but one that I *Really* wanted to hit) deadline a few years back and used these things to block out a “Cards Against Humanity” game going on AT THE SAME TABLE.

Idea #3: Gift Cards. I know, I know, they sound impersonal, but stick with me for a minute. First: This is a last minute gift. Second (and most important): Personally, I might not know exactly what I’m in the mood for at any given time, and a gift card gives me the opportunity to be flexible in so many ways.

Idea #4: Something comfortable. I won’t say that having a nice, thick pair of socks made the difference between getting out of bed, in December, to write, but maaaaaaybe…

Idea #5: Get them out of the house. Movie, Dinner, something to get them moving and refill the well.

See you on Thursday.


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