Saturday’s ConFusion Schedule

Hey Everyone! This Weekend, I’m at ConFusion! Here’s my Schedule for Saturday:

Effective Training Sequences in Prose Fiction:

Saturday 1:00PM Interlochen
In movies such as How To Train Your Dragon, the sequence in which our dashing hero bumbles through training and eventually triumphs usually has a stirring score and a lot of quick transitions to back it up. In prose, conveying to the reader that a bunch of training has happened can be a trickier matter. What are some good strategies for convincing the reader that our zero is now a hero without dragging down the story’s pacing? Steve Buchheit (m), Ken Schrader, Jennifer Blackstream, Corry L. Lee

Reading: Ken Schrader, Lucy A. Snyder, Phoebe Barton

Saturday 3:00PM Saugatuck
Ken Schrader, Lucy A. Snyder, Phoebe Barton read from selected works.

Come check out the great discussions and hear some fantastic stories.