It’s all Connected

I’ve been sick.

So much so, that I’ve been off the day-job for the majority of the week. I’m feeling better, but I’d like to take a look at this past week and maybe dispel a myth or two.

If you’re like me, you’re juggling other stuff in addition to writing. There’s the day-job, family, hobbies, etc. I’m not writing full time.

You may be tempted to think with some of those things (day-job) out of the picture for a bit, that this week has been pretty productive writing wise.


In fact, looking at my calendar where I’ve been awarding myself stickers for days that I write and days where I’m active, things are kinda scattered. I’d like to direct your attention to Tuesday the 3rd which is about when all this kicked off.

Nothing on that day.

It stands out like a missing tooth, and will stand out all the more as the month progresses and I get back on track.

The writer part of me wanted to use “Broken tooth” to give it a bit more punch, but I pulled myself back from there because, while disruptive when it happens, we all get sick. We’ve all had missing teeth. It’s part of life, and that’s ok.

It happens. There have been days, and there will be days to come where you simply don’t have the spoons to more than the bare minimum to get by.

The point is that when it happens, you stop and take care of yourself, until you can ease back into your routine. There’s nothing wrong, or weak, or lazy about it.

Take care of yourself. You’re the only you we’ve got.

I’ll see you on Thursday. Be Excellent to each other.


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