Five Thing Thursday: May 14th.

Welcome, everyone to another installment of Five Thing Thursday and…

Here are Five Things I want you to Know:

Thing #1: I may have said this before but it bears repeating: You’re going to have good days and better days and some not so hot days. These are all ok. Do what you can do, and start again tomorrow.

Thing #2: I’m still writing. Not as much as I had been before the world caught fire and not as consistently, but it’s still happening.

Thing #3: I came to the realization today that maybe I don’t need to continue to force the old schedule into the current reality.

Thing #4: This Week’s Audio Landscape has been brought to you by… Nightwish

Thing #5: There will be days where you want to keep on top of everything going on…and you just can’t. Cut yourself some slack. Do what you can do.


What am  I reading this week?

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well?


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See you on Sunday!

Until then…

Be safe Y’All.