Five-Thing Thursday: April 15th.

Welcome, everyone to another installment of Five Thing Thursday and…

Here are Five Things I want you to Know:

Thing #1:  I don’t do Miles to Kilometers very well.

Thing #2:  Try not to borrow trouble. If you imagine the worst thing that could happen – and it does…then you’ve lived it twice.

Thing #3: I have a 2-inch long scratch on my arm – I have no idea how it got there.

Thing #4: This week’s Audio Landscape has been brought to you by… Unleash the Archers.

Thing #5: Simply walking to Mordor: This week I’ve walked 28.14 miles bringing my total to 62.02 miles from Bag-End. As the crow flies, I’ve reached Crickhollow, discovered that I am rubbish at keeping “Secret” Journeys from my friends, and have been run off by mysterious hooded figures on horseback – losing them in The Old Forest.

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What am  I reading this week?

Grave Dance by Kalayna Price

Annihilation Aria by Michael R Underwood

A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time Book 7) by Robert Jordan.

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well?

This…may not turn out to be such a good grilling weekend. We’ll see if we can dodge between bouts of rain.


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Until then…

Be safe. Be Excellent to each other.