The Wheel of Time Changes

I am an Autumn person.

No, I’m not one of Ray Bradbury’s Autumn People from “Something Wicked This Way Comes”=…”

Though how good was Jonathon Pryce as Mr. Dark?

Go ahead, watch it. I found it both frightening and challenging,

I found it frightening, because it would be *so* easy to fall into the rut of what’s gone on before. To think that it’ll all be ok once I reach this milestone, like retirement,

I’m old, Gandalf.

It’s something that I say to myself pretty often, along with folk who are close to me.

I am old.

But I still fight for those who need my help–for what it may be worth,

And we need that, now more than ever.

So stand up, in the face of the dark.

It may be harsh, and cold, and unforgiving, But I’ll be there. With you.

Together, we will overcome.

Believe that.

I’ll see you on Thursday.


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