I’ve said it before here, but there are times where I’m not just talking to you, Reader. Sometimes I use this platform for myself.

This past fortnight has been a mess. Developments at the day job have kept me in complete Emergency/Damage control mode 100% of the time and things on the home front have turned toward prep for winter – which, this year has meant A LOT of backbreaking work (over 400 bales of hay stacked by hand, floor to rafters, over 3 days), planning (When is it going to rain? How long is it going to rain for? Can we get a load in between somewhere), stress (Did anything get wet? Is that dust or mold?), etc.

My brain is like a bowl of oatmeal. Cold oatmeal.

All of this means that I’ve got very little left in the tank for anything other than popping a few ibuprophen and trying to unwind before going back to Emergency mode day job.

I haven’t written much for the past two weeks. At all.

And – and this is me talking directly to myself now – THAT IS OK.

You’re misspelling every other word as you compose this. You’ve got a good chunk of rest coming up this week. Take the time to get your feet back underneath you.

It will be ok.

Rest – you’ve earned a break.