Five-Thing Thursday: December 9th.

Welcome, everyone to another installment of Five Thing Thursday and…

Here are Five Things I want you to know:

Thing #1: It’s ok. You’re doing the best you can.

Thing #2: Show appreciation to your past self for the good things you’ve done. Write a note to your past self. I’ve started doing that and it makes me feel that much happier..

Thing #3: Taking some time, every day, to stop, breathe, and just be in the moment is worth the time and effort.

Thing #4: What’s playing on the Mental Jukebox right now? The Best is Yet to Come by Accept.

Thing #5: You are the author of your own story. You can turn to a blank page and start something new at any time.


What am  I reading this week?

Grave Destiny by Kalayna Price

Assassin’s Orbit by John Appel

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well?

This weekend has been full of warm clothes and downtime. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been outside – I don’t mind being outside while it’s cold. What it does mean is that I’m packing myself into stuff that can keep me warm for hours while outside.


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See you on Sunday!

Until then…

Be safe. Be Excellent to each other.