Take Chances

Happy Sunday Y’All!

This is going to be a quick one today because my “To-Do” list is pretty damned long and I am bound and determined to not spend the *entire* day working.

So here goes…

Take chances.

In your writing. Write what you’ve never written before. Take that one thing (or pick one, if there are more than one) that you’ve never done, that you haven’t done because you’re either unsure how to do it, or are afraid of botching, and set your fingers (or hand, if you’re writing old school*) to it and begin. Accept that it might not be absolute brilliance the first time around – how many of your first attempts at anything are? Even if you put it away when you’re done and it never sees the light of day again, you’ll have at least taken that first step, and that first step is everything.

In reality. Change what you’re not happy with. Step outside your comfort zone and realize that your current comfort zone is not the same one you had ten years ago. It changes. It can change again. Take small steps, or huge leaps, but move. Move toward what makes you happy. Again, that first step is everything.

Accept that you may fail and may fail spectacularly. This is the price of admission for living. Not everything works out, even if you do everything “Right”.


You may also succeed and succeed spectacularly. And, in that success, you may find that it’s but the first step to something even better.

You may find even more awesome along the way. Chase it. Chase the awesome. You may stumble, you may fall. Get back up and keep going.

Take chances. That first step is the biggest chance of all and it is everything.

Good Luck!


*To this day, I LOVE writing longhand. Unfortunately, my wrists won’t let me do that for long – carpal tunnel – my fingers go numb and my handwriting turns from “Barely legible” to “Are those even words?”


Time: 11:29 am – ish

Music: Blind GuardianĀ – Another Stranger Me