You Don’t and You Do

You don’t:

Need anyone to give you permission to write.

Need listen when someone says, “Genre X” is dead.

Need to do things “Just so” to be able to call yourself a writer.

Need to Outline.*

Need to discovery write.

Need to listen when someone tells you, “You can’t do that.”

Need to continue to allow that kind of negativity to remain in your life.

Need to explain yourself to anyone.

Need to accept anyone else’s definition of success.


You do:

Need to write**.

Need to finish what you write.

Need to write what you love.

Need to take yourself outside your comfort zone.

Need to make grand mistakes.

Need to learn from those mistakes.

Need to ignore the trolls and random assholes that wish they were doing what you are, and can only make themselves feel better, by trying to Yuck your Yum.

Need to take care of yourself – you are the only one of you that you’ve got.

Need to remember that success is defined by what ~you~ think it is.



*This is, however, a useful skill to have if you decide on going the traditional publishing route. Once you’ve got a sale or two under your belt, you might be able to sell a book based on a proposal and an outline.

**This is primarily a writing blog, so I’m going to assume that, if you’re here, you’re at some stage of being a writer. If you’re an artist of any kind, feel free to replace the word “Write” with “Create” and you should be good.



Time: 11:38 Am-ish

Music: Lacuna Coil – You Create