Keep Going. You’ll Get There

First, a quick bit of news:

My schedule for Balticon┬áis up on the Events page. I’m told this is a pretty fluid thing up until May 12th, when it becomes much more carved in stone. I’m trying to squeeze a reading in there somewhere. Check back to see where I’ll be. I’d love to meet you.


Some days have a theme.

I don’t mean to say that I’m, somehow, assigning a theme to any particular day but, if you take a higher look at what’s coming at you, you can spot patterns and commonalities.

Not taking into account the flow of Supernatural-themed posts (for which I am kinda grateful), today my social media feeds were all about dreams.

I’m kinda grateful for this too because, lately, things have been moving the needle on the “Vitriolic rage”-O-meter, and I have a hard time dealing with that, and my coping mechanisms aren’t all that healthy to begin with.

The thing is, the common thread today wasn’t about idle dreaming, though there’s nothing wrong with that – up to a point.

Today was focused, not only on the dreams, but also on the work it takes to bring them into reality.

And it does take work. Oh, sure, there are folk out there that appear to have had it all just drop into their lap, but there are two things to consider when you start thinking about that:
1. You are, almost certainly, not getting the whole story, and
2. Statistically, it isn’t going to happen to you.
Now I don’t mean to say that it’s impossible for lightning to strike, only that it’s really, freaking rare and, if you go around waiting to win some kind of celestial lottery, you might be in for a long wait.

A really long wait.

Me, I don’t have that kind of patience and there are a hell of a lot of things that I want to bring into fruition in my life, so I’ve got a lot of work to do.

A lot of work.

And it isn’t going to happen overnight. Like everything else that I can think of that’s worthwhile, the effort goes in one step at a time.


And Again.

And, although I know that it will take time and effort, I also know that if I keep at it, if I keep going, I’ll get there.

So will you.


Time: 11:55 Am – ish

Music: Hammerfall – Bang Your Head



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  1. Amen, brother.