I didn’t think I was going to get a blog post up, because here I am, decompressing after ConCarolinas, looking forward to spending nearly an entire week almost completely within my own head.

For those of you new to the blog, every year – circumstances permitting – I meet up with my writer’s group and we spend a week, writing, and critiquing, and talking about the art, craft, and the slog of the writing business.

If you can manage it, I highly recommend taking a few days to get away from it all and prepare to get to work.

Now I am not talking about taking a vacation. Don’t get me wrong, if you need a vacation, by all means take a vacation. Get the rest you need. Take care of yourself, you’re the only you that you have.

This is not a vacation. I’ve got a goal set for myself and it’s a pretty significant chunk of work if I’m going to meet this goal.

I can’t wait to dive in.

Compared to my usual writing day, a day at the retreat would be similar to an entire week’s worth of writing, so I really want to make the most of the opportunity

I’ve let my group members know what that goal is and I know that I’ll have someone to help keep me on track* and I’m going to share that goal with you.

I am working on the second round of edits for my agent and I want to use the opportunity this week to get that done and send that off.**

I’d like to get it done before the end of the week, so that I’ve got time to work on other things.

That means (Stand back, I’m going to do math), if I want to reach this goal, I’ll need to get through 11 chapters a day, for three days.***

So set some goals and see if you can meet them. You might not be able to get away for an entire week****but try and take some time to see what you can do,


Time: 7:17 pm-ish

Music: Blind Guardian – I’m Alive


*This, too, is a nice thing to have. Not as someone that hangs over your shoulder, badgering you to get work done, that’s how people get hurt.

**Unfortunately, you don’t get to remind me or ask me about my progress.

***Worse than it sounds – a boatload of work though.

****I can only manage it once a year

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  1. Damn, son! You’re gonna be high speed, low drag this week! We’ll do our best to help keep you on track and not slowed down on the sidelines!