Friday Fess-Up

Hi there all, and welcome to my Friday Fess-Up.

As promised, here is an unvarnished look at what I’ve been working on (or not) this week:


Jade Moon Waning:

I’ve been working on a couple of different alien races that will appear in this story. I still don’t have an elevator pitch and I don’t see that coming anytime soon, but you never know.

I stopped Mid-week to polish up and send off a short story to an anthology and, on Thursday, it was back to the aliens and how stuff works with said aliens.

Thursday was kinda rough. I played fast and loose with my shut eye and lost nearly an hour of sleep. Coffee can only do so much, so while I didn’t get much down on Thursday, my head did wander off into some unexpected places and some ideas happened. I made sure to get them down.

I don’t recommend this. Not the “Making sure you get those sleep addled nuggets down” part, but the “Being sleep addled in the first place” part. Some times you can’t help it, other times you can, but you pay for it either way.

Friday is going to be continuing where I left off with the aliens. I’m typing this up on Thursday night and scheduling it to post on Friday. If I had wanted to update this AND post it on Friday, I wouldn’t be able to do it until MUCH later in the day and, by that time, what would be the point of a Fess-Up Friday post if it goes online at 11:30 PM or something? If something changes, I’ll – I don’t know – post an addendum.

*wonders if he should move this to Saturday…would need a different title*

So, I’m filling in gaps and fleshing out the thin spots. What are the basic social units called? What do they use for currency, and what do they call it? How does that compare to human currency in this world? How do my aliens get along with the humans in this world? Everything from how alien eyes work to what’s the worst thing that could happen to one of them (Hint: It isn’t death…)

Now the majority of this stuff you’re not going to even see. Remember: The story world is like an iceberg. You only get to see the first 10% or so, but I’ve got to know every icy nook and cranny.

Sort of. I’m not going to get into genealogies or anything like that, or what caused the battle the Tellurians called “The Blistering Wind*”, but I’ve got to be able to pass myself off as a native.

Alien races are nearly done. Characters are nearly done. AND I’ve got unrelated bits and pieces of the story bubbling to the surface during my non writing part of the day.

Soon, folks, Chapter 1 is coming.


Adventure Awaits…





*well, maybe not right now…



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  1. Great progress on the world-building! I look forward to hearing how it pays off as you go along! I’m trying to be more disciplined about prep rather than pantsing everything too. Fully outlined a story and characters, ready to start digging in this weekend. You continue to inspire me, Ken! Thanks!