Digging Out

This is what it looks like from my desk this morning.





What you can’t see is the layer of ice coating the top of all that white-stuff. What you can see is the top of, what seems now, like a foolishly long driveway that I am going to have to force my way through.


I thought about trying to tie this into writing, somehow. You know, comparing it to the resistance of getting started, or the uphill battle that is publishing in any medium, or even the glacial pace that some aspects of the industry progress along.

Instead, if you were to walk out there, like I did just a few moments ago, you’d find it quiet. Peaceful. With enough tooth in the air to remind you that you were alive.

In an odd way, relaxing without allowing you to get too comfortable.

Like writing. Like the stuff that you can control.* Like the work that is its own reward. That turn of phrase that warms you. Stepping back after all the work is done, both glad it’s over, and glad for having done it.


If you’ve got to go out anywhere today – regardless of the weather – be safe.


I’m up on the Million Words Blog today talking about Author Websites. Go check it out!

If you haven’t seen it, I’ve got a Freebies page where you can read some excerpts.

Time: 12:10 pm-ish

Music: Blind Guardian – And the Story Ends (Live)


*No, you can’t control resistance. You can control your reaction to it.