Friday Fess-Up: February 23rd

Welcome to the Final Friday Fess-Up for February.

I am *so* going to miss the alliteration.


Here’s what’s sure to be an unpopular opinion:

My Fandomness Quotient* for the 4-day work week is on the wane. Even as little as 5 years ago, I’d be all over a 4-day work week, but now I just don’t have the energy to try and squeeze 5 days of work into 4.

So I don’t even try anymore.

This, of course, brings on its own kind of stress. It seems like the majority of my time these days consists of dealing with, or trying to avoid stress. I don’t remember it always being this way, and I’d sure like a shift to where it wasn’t as big a presence in my life.

But these are tumultuous times we’re in and, really, the only way out is through.

Speaking of getting through, I think that I’m past the low point in writing this book. I’m still not cranking out 1000 word days, but I’m also not scraping by with 100 (or less) word days, either.

Every book is different – they say – and this book is just that. I’m writing in a new space and I’m not listening to *anything* when I write. Both are choices, but if you’d told me around this time last year that I’d be writing in silence…

Well, that’s just crazy talk.

But here I am.

And I’m not going to fight it. At the moment, my creative head needs quiet,** so quiet it will have…

Give yourself what you need to get the work done. There’s no shame in that.

The only way out, is through.

Be sure to check out my Freebies page for excerpts of my stories. And Be sure to stop by on Sunday for another thrilling installment.

Until then…


Be safe Y’All.


*I have no idea if this is an actual thing.  If it doesn’t exist yet, it does now!!

**I can’t say that I blame it, with everything that’s been going on…