Inspired by Greatness

Last night, I sat down and watched* the live-stream of the 2018 Nebula awards like it was a sporting event.

Ok, maybe not – exactly – like a sporting event. My wife was in the room and she already thinks I’m a little bit loopy, so I held it together.

Until they got to “Best Novel” which is my jam. Even then, it was understated for me.

I got to watch Peter S. Beagle choke himself up.

Kelly Robson nearly made me lose my shit with her acceptance speech for Best Novelette.

The whole night was grand and glorious.

And Inspiring.

I came away from that show, feeling like, “Hell Yeah. Let’s go write some stories!!”

I’ve held onto that feeling. There’s a bit on my plate today, but I’m going to make sure that getting some words down is a part of that.

Here’s hoping that you find something to energize you like that today.

Until then…

Be safe Y’All


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Time: 12:23 pm – ish

Music: Blind Guardian – Fly


*If you missed it and want to watch, they archived it here