Enjoy the Ride

Happy Sunday, Everyone. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

I wanted to take a bit of time this week to offer some encouragement. We’re all engaged in some kind of struggle, and I know that there can be days, weeks, and months where it seems like there’s nothing going on but the struggle.

I know sometimes it might feel like you’re doing nothing but spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

Here’s what I also know:

I know that there is no one, not one other person in the world that can do what you do, the way that you do it.

I also know that, while other considerations (Getting published, signing with an agent – I’m sticking with the writerly side of things but this could easily be translated to Photography, or Music, or Game Design or any other creative endeavor) may have taken the front seat as far as your attention is concerned, I know that you started doing whatever it is you’re doing for one thing, really.


You do it because you love it.

That’s what I want to encourage you to remember. Go back to why you started doing it. Go back to that one really good piece of description, or snappy bit of dialogue, or the very first scene that made you feel something.

Go back and remember that it’s the journey, not the destination that matters. It’s the trip that will sustain you through the hard times, and the easy ones.

So take your time. I’m not suggesting that you slow down, unless you’re pushing yourself too hard based on external pressures.¬†Go at your own pace. Look around, see what you might be missing.

Take the time to appreciate the trip.

Enjoy the Ride…


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I’ll see you in a few days for the next Five Thing Thursday.

Until then…

Be safe Y’All.


Time: 3:06 pm – ish

Music: Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild