Friday Fess-Up: September 7th.

Happy Friday Everyone! Even though it was a short week, I didn’t think it would ever get here.

We Made it!!

So this month, I am making a serious push to get to the end of the First Draft of my Current Project. This meant doing math – that’s how serious I was.

The end result was that I needed to set a daily word count of 1000 words per day, every day this month. Thirty Thousand words.

By way of keeping myself honest, I am going to use this segment of the blog to show you all how I am doing week by week.

So here’s how this week broke down. I’m beginning on Saturday, because that was the first of the month.


Saturday: Word count: 1081. I broke this into two different writing shifts, because Saturday was pretty busy, though not as busy as what was to come…

Sunday: Word count: 1653. Totally didn’t see that coming. Lots of emotional back story to rip the scabs off some old wounds. Not sure how much of it will make the final cut, but it’s there now.

Monday: Word count: 1288 words. This was the last day of the long weekend. The true test begins tomorrow, as I return to the day job.

Tuesday: Word Count: 1037. Had to break the day into three different writing sessions: Early morning, during lunch, and when I got home. That last bit was a slog, I’m not going to lie, so I’m glad it was only 250 or so words I needed at the end there. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Wednesday: Word count: 1146. I thought that Tuesday was going to be the true test, but it turns out that Tuesday was a normal day. Wednesday was crazy. And I’m working late.

Thursday: Word count: 1128. I didn’t think I was going to make this one. I had a late night at the day job. Early morning writing got me halfway there. I got the other half during lunch, and waiting for tonight’s meeting to start. Turns out that the true test of my mettle would be…

Friday (today): Word count: 1114. Running on five hours of sleep to get up and write and I paid for it. 250 words during that first writing session. I knocked out another 680 during the day. and I finished off just before I set to posting this.

I know I’ve been really pushing sleep in the past and it’s still important. So is this goal, and there are times when the day job demands more of my time than I’d like (like back to back 13 hour days), so I’ll take strategic risks, like sleep deprived Fridays.

Anyway, what was the total of all that numbering and wording, you ask?

Let me check…*mumbles, maths*…Ok!

Total word count for the week: 8447!

Oh, and I still managed to put up the usual blog posts, which I am not counting as writing – and I’m organizing another blog tour which may or may not be happening in October.  You’ll want to stay tuned for that.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  Next Friday will tell if I was able to keep the pace.


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Be safe Y’All.