Friday Fess-Up: January 18th.

Welcome to the another installment of the Friday Fess-up!

We made it!

OK, that’s kind of a rubbish thing to say, seeings how my last day of day-job for the week was on Wednesday.

Why is that you ask?

Because this weekend I’m at ConFusion!! Will I see you there? My schedule is up on the Events page.

How has the week been? Well I’m still taking my laptop in to work to get some supplemental editing done on my lunch hour. I’ve been averaging about a chapter a day, which is a nice steady pace given the time I’ve got to play with. This Thursday was the exception. I got a couple of good writing sessions in. More importantly, since I am typing this post up in advance, I now have to get some good writing sessions in, because editing this post late Thursday night…just isn’t going to happen.


My Schedule is on the Events Page.

See you on Sunday!

What am  I reading this week?

The Chronicles of the Lensmen vol. 2 by E.E. “Doc” Smith. I have this in an omnibus edition. The story that I’m currently reading in this volume is “Grey Lensman.”

How to Save an Undead Life” by Hailey Edwards.

What am I listening to this week? The Galactic Suburbia podcast

How have I been relaxing and refilling the well? This Weekend is full of ConFusion!! Despite what may be late nights, I am committed to getting a solid eight hours of sleep a night. Gotta be on my game.


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